Our Approach

Your life is yours to live, we’re simply along to support the ride. This is always how we’ve seen our role; to stand beside you on your journey, never leading or pushing you towards a certain goal or lifestyle. That means that a lot of what we do starts with a curiosity to get to know you. We listen and then design a care plan that suits your needs. This mandate extends to all areas of support - from mental health care to aged care and independent living assistance. When it comes to people, being heard is often the most important thing.

Our approach to care and support work began with one mental health care facility in Midland, WA. 20 years later and we’ve now grown to operate  aged care, mental health care facilities, lifestyle villages, and independent living programs. And we’re continuing to grow. The number of people who need our services is on the rise and we’re committed to meeting that need.

Our Vision

The highest standard of care. This vision comes to life through the considered and empathetic way that we work. As members of the Roshana family, your care is planned and delivered to the highest standard every time.

Our Mission

To create that feeling of home, here at Roshana. This is not just a place to exist, it’s a place to live and feel completely supported. With the skill and compassion of our staff, to the personalised care plans that are led by you and your needs; our mission is to make your time with us feel like coming home.

Our Values

We provide care with:

Compassion   Respect   Communication   Teamwork   Integrity

Message From Our CEO

We began Roshana Care Group with, as our name suggests, a focus on care. From this centre point, our work took on everything that ‘care’ means to us as a group (including our clients) - compassion, respect, communication, team work, and integrity. These five pillars are really all about bringing people a sense of home; working together to support the community members who need us most.

As the CEO of Roshana Care Group, I am proud of the commitment we’ve made to achieving this mission. And, with 20 years of experience, the demand for aged care and mental health facilities like ours are growing.

With aged care facilities, mental health care facilities, and retirement villages in WA, NSW, and QLD, we’re still looking to grow. There’s an ongoing need for essential care services in Australia and I’m personally dedicated to building the places that support people to live their life with purpose. For our group, it’s a matter of creating the environments that feel like coming home.

Dr Rosh Jalagge
Chief Executive Officer
Roshana Care Group

Director Profiles

Dr Rosh Jalagge

Dr Rosh Jalagge is the Chief Executive Officer of Roshana Care Group. By providing much needed healthcare support to marginalised and vulnerable, he provided a transformational leadership in the healthcare sector in Western Australia. Dr Jalagge’s leadership resulted in the expansion of Roshana Care Group into Aged Care, Home Care, Retirement Living, and NDIS throughout Western Australia, Queensland, and New South Wales.


Dr. Rosh Jalagge began his journey in the Health Care industry with a singular objective in mind; to care for those who he serves and to leave an impression for the world to live by values. He is the proud owner of Roshana Group of Companies, where he nurtures culture by the values of Compassion, Respect, Communication, Teamwork, and Integrity that form a strong foundation at the core of their mission to provide an authentic sense of home for everyone they serve.


His principles in life, loving-kindness, compassion, empathy, and equanimity along with his extensive experience has secured him positions beyond the Health Care Industry. He currently serves as the Honorary Consul for Sri Lanka in the jurisdiction of Western Australia since 2015. With the dedication to make the world a better place, he is at present steering many initiatives providing opportunities to the disadvantaged youth to acquire skills and knowledge; potentially building strong foundations for leaders tomorrow.


Priyanka Gamage

Priyanka is the Director of the Roshana Group of Companies. Priyanka is a former solicitor, who worked in the UK and Sri Lanka before migrating to Australia.

Priyanka has extensive business and legal experience, in areas including insolvency and restructuring, corporate disputes, banking and finance, and resource litigation.

Priyanka’s expertise has helped the Roshana Group expand from a Perth-based aged care provider to a group of companies with numerous branches in WA, NSW and QLD.

In addition to her professional achievements, Priyanka is known for her compassionate and inclusive leadership style, fostering a culture of teamwork within the organization aspects that have driven and continue to make Roshana Care Group the success that it is today.


Executive Team

Mehtab Singh

Chief Operations & Strategic Manager

Andrew Lyons

NDIS Services Manager

Nalin Wijegunarathna

Operations Manager
Mental Health and Recovery


What is the process for admission to a residential aged care facility?

For admission into a residential aged care facility, a consultation and assessment by a family GP is required to determine the level of care needed. There are five steps to consider:

  1. Consultation with family doctor
  2. An aged care assessment
  3. Search for a suitable residential facility for your specific needs
  4. Complete entry pack
  5. Entry into residential aged care facility
A consultation and assessment by a family GP can help determine the level of care needed. Because your needs come first.

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