Disability Services

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
Registration no: 4050034280

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How we can help you?

Our disability support services working with NDIS is to support those who are having challenges in living their daily life.

Whether you have a physical or mental disability, or you relate to any difficulties to manage your daily living, Roshana NDIS can support you.


Our NDIS Services

Our Support Coordination Service helps you to easily navigate the complex system and ensure delivery of the best possible services with your NDIS funding.
This can involve:

Taking the time to guide you through the NDIS experience.

Striving to reach your goals and break down barriers.

Strengthening your ability to connect with informal, mainstream, and funded supports.

Resolving service delivery issues.

Resolving points of crisis and developing capacity & resilience in your network.

Coordinating support from a range of services.

Daily Living in your own Home

You deserve to have a clean, well-maintained home environment which makes a big difference to how you feel. You spend most of your time at home and need to have a neat, clean, and inviting atmosphere.

Roshana home care services can help restore a sense of confidence in your home so you can host friends and family.

We will assist you in:

Cleaning and tidying

Daily cleaning including mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, dusting etc

Making beds and changing linen and personal clothing

Gardening, lawn mowing, and weeding

Cooking and washing dishes

Basic home repair maintenance of DIY or TLC

Laundry duties

Our support for Community and Companionship

You deserve to engage with your own community and we are there to help you with that.

The benefits of being social and active in your community can make a real difference to your quality of life.

We can engage you in your own choice; whether it’s enjoying a cuppa, engaging in some hobbies, contributing to the community or just having a chat.

Roshana team members will care about you and our team can provide companionship and support to make sure you stay well connected with the community.

Roshana Social support

Roshana has all our social support services for you based on your decision, we offer what you would like to do!

Whatever you enjoy, you can rely on us to help you get out and about, from:

  • daily walks in the parks,
  • places to visit joining community groups or social outings 
  • visiting your local library, banking, and shopping or any visits 
  • getting to your appointments with doctors and allied health 
  • having companionship for coffee, meals, movies or exercise or enjoy visiting special places
  • we will help you to look after your health and wellbeing.

Daily basis Personal Care and Wellbeing

Roshana professional care team can provide assistance or supervision with personal hygiene and daily self-care tasks including working alongside the individual to demonstrate techniques to improve your capacity for self-management and to assist to build confidence in the use of equipment or aid.

Help with all Personal care services are available

Assist with shopping, cooking your meals, cleaning, gardening, fixing in your home

Assisting you with your day-to-day work and enabling you to do them by yourself or trained by our team members

Assisting you with public transport and enabling you to learn to be independent in your transport requirements whether you use public transport or other commuters

Assisting, helping, and training you to learn to look after yourself

Over the time by teaching your family and carers how to support you and slowly making progress to build independency

Support and Service Coordination

There are many different types of services available across Western Australia health and human services system. None of these systems automatically links services to allow people with multiple needs to access coordinated care.

Our service coordination framework helps you to choose and select health services and choose providers to work together to align practices, processes and systems so:

  • You will have access to health services you need, no matter what service you go to first
  • You can have the correct information to receive good care from the right providers at the right time 
  • You will have your health and social needs identified early, preventing deterioration in health and work towards the recovery. 
  • Our support and Service coordination places you at the centre of service delivery. With this service you we can maximise your likelihood of accessing the services that you need.

Service coordination also enables us to remain independent of each other, while cooperating to give consumers a seamless and integrated response.

Preparation of Individual Plans

We can assist you to get the right care for your disability, your families and carers to consider how they would like their life to be now and into the future and what strategies will enable them to work towards their goals.

Individualised planning helps you or your family member to:

Receive the supports such as friendships, neighbours, and community groups

Build on opportunities for a valued role in the community

Clarify your choices about a pathway towards the life you want to live

Feel confident that your future is safe and secure

Develop your talents and skills

Access the supports and services you require to achieve your goals

Services Availability

We can provide the services that are right for you. We will:

  • Put you in contact with NDIS staff who can action your application
  • Help you prepare for planning
  • Help you explore your personal goals 
  • Provide accommodation support options 
  • Provide NDIS Community Access and individual Support options for all you need.

Advice and Support for Family and Careers

  • We have a supportive team to help you on your journey.
  • We are ready to Meet with you to understand your options better.
  • We want to make sure you’re fully comfortable with the our team member you’ll be inviting into your home.
  • You’ll get to meet them and ensure you feel relaxed with your choice.




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