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Our mental health care facilities are operated by a multidisciplinary team of mental health professionals. Every facility is served by a licensed in-house Manager, recovery support workers, recovery professionals, visiting consultant occupational therapists, psychologists, psychiatrist and general physicians. Staff are highly qualified and experienced in working with clients of all ages and with a wide range of mental health conditions.

Regular occupational therapy programmes and recreational activities provided in our facilities have proven to be effective in improving the quality of life of our residents. Constant emotional support and companionship provided by our staff significantly helps residents to regain their mental and social health. Healthy and nutritious meals are provided, prepared by experienced and qualified chefs according to a meal plan which is reviewed frequently.

Independent Residential Units (IRU) provide medium to long term accommodation for people living with psychological distress and who require a few hours of support per day in order to live independently in the community. Our IRUs are situated around Perth Metro areas with easy access via hospital programmes for mental health services.

Our recovery and rehabilitation program consists of a Transitional/Respite unit to accommodate residents who are in our mental health care facilities in Midland, Maddington and Victoria Park.

Roshana Care Group works closely with the Mental Health Commission (MHC) to establish Individualised Community Living Strategies (ICLS). Our ultimate goal is to restore these individuals to their optimal level of functioning, and enable independence for them in society through adequate psychosocial support.

Roshana mental health services are holistic in nature and are provided with the goal of supporting individuals with their recovery journey. The programs focus on the recovery process, demonstrating that people with mental illness can lead fulfilled lives in their community.

Our recovery programs through our Low Care facilities provide the confidence for independent living and also connect people with their communities by engaging the assistance of volunteers and support workers who assist in implementing the programs.

Our Mental Health Support Process