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Roshana Care Group's Aged Care Homes are situated around Western Australia and we have one facility in Queensland. We currently own and operate several facilities in the most scenic locations such as WA suburbs of Lesmurdie, Carmel, Albany and Kellerberrin. Our Queensland facility is located in Hervey Bay, Urangan.

Roshana's Aged Care Homes provide a range of care options and accommodation for the elderly who require assistance to continue living independently but are unable to do so in their own homes. 

Resources are extensively dedicated for each individual to meet high quality care for our residents. The senior nursing staff and support workers are adequately trained to provide the best service for each individual's needs.  

Operations of our Aged Care Homes are closely monitored by external health consultants and they fully comply with mandatory regulations governed by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency (AACQA) Standards.


Dementia is a neurodegenerative disorder that requires constant, vigilant care and supervision. It is a condition that could have an impact on not only the individual but also their families. Providing primary care for individuals with dementia is a strenuous task that necessitates many responsibilities and skills.

This is why it is vital to provide professional care for these individuals. The Aged Care Homes we operate consist of dementia-specific care programs. Our staff is well-trained and experienced in providing dementia care for those residents in need.

We are working closely with the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency and the Department of Health to meet the required guidelines and provide the very best care.

We at Roshana Care Group respect and understand the individuality of each resident and have pledged to cater to each of their needs to the highest possible standards.

Family members of our residents are encouraged to regularly visit to evaluate the standards of our facilities and ensure they are happy with the care provided for their loved ones.