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Rosh Jalagge

Rosh Jalagge, CEO of Roshana Group of Companies, is a well-known entrepreneur with ventures spread throughout Australia as well as internationally.

Rosh is a Sri Lankan born Australian who began his successful entrepreneurial journey as an accountant upon migrating to Australia. After gaining a wealth of experience and knowledge in the fields of finance and accountancy, Rosh started a career in real estate, soon becoming one of the most accomplished real estate agents in Western Australia.

Driven by his life-long passion to serve vulnerable and marginalised communities, Rosh expanded his expertise and founded his own organisation to provide care for the aged and people with chronic mental illness. His experience in accounting, operations and entrepreneurship in the real estate industry largely helped his organisational success.

Established almost 20 years ago, Rosh’s Aged Care and Mental Health Care facilities have been recognised for their remarkable, compassion-driven services. Rosh’s venture has grown rapidly over the last few years and he is now the proud owner of numerous Aged Care facilities, Retirement Villages and Mental Health Care facilities situated across two States in Australia. He has embarked on a journey to take his group of companies to a multi-million dollar venture, to provide Aged Care and Mental Health accommodation and other services all over Australia.

As recognition of his services to the community, Rosh currently serves as the Honorary Consul for Sri Lanka in Western Australia and devotes a lot of his time humbly serving expatriates and Sri Lankan nationals in WA. 

Priyanka Gamage

Priyanka Gamage is a former solicitor who worked in the UK and Sri Lanka before migrating to Australia. She has brought to the company a wealth of business and legal experience, working as a Managing Director of several companies, overseeing their administrative and legal matters.

Priyanka has a background working as a solicitor for a successful Sri Lankan company; Lakmini Group Pty Ltd. This company has a range of clientele in gem mining, tea and coconut plantations, property development, and real estate.

Working as a Director for Roshana Group of Companies, Priyanka utilises her expertise in areas such as insolvency and restructuring, corporate disputes, banking and finance, and resource litigation. Her proficiency has helped Roshana Group expand from a Perth based Aged care service to a group of companies with numerous branches across two States in Australia.