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Message from the CEO, Rosh Jalagge

The journey of our Roshana family started with humble beginnings. We began by acquiring and successfully operating Honey Brook Mental Health Care in Midland. With increasing demand, we gradually expanded our services into Aged Care by acquiring Valencia Aged Care Home in the Perth Hills.

The ultimate goal of our organisation is to create a peaceful and healthy environment where our clients are given the best care possible. We are in the service of providing a home where our clients can feel safe, secure and happy. Roshana is a family. Our clients are its most valuable family members.

I am grateful and proud of how far we have come as an organisation. Starting from a small Low Care mental health facility, we have now branched out to two Australian states, providing essential healthcare services for vulnerable communities in our society. As the CEO of Roshana Care Group, I can see my vision gradually coming to fruition.

My passion to serve the community has been reinforced by the success of Roshana Care Group. I am driven to provide more essential services to a larger and more diverse community as a part of Roshana’s future.